Friday, April 17, 2009


You can access a range of color-matching systems using the color picker dialogue box. These include: toyo color finder 1050 system, Focoltone Colour System, PANTONE Matching system, Trumatch Swatching System and DIC color Guide. Here, we’ll select a PANTONE Colour.

1. To select a PANTONE color, click the foreground or background colour box. The Color Picker dialogue box will appear. Click the Custom button.
2. Use the book pop-up menu to select a PANTONE matching system.
3. If you know the PANTONE number of the colour you want, you can enter the number on the keyboard. Alternatively, click in the colour slider bar to the right of the PANTONE colour boxes. This moves you to a general rage of colours. Then click on the scroll bars at the top and bottom of the sliders to find the specific PANTONE colour you want.

4. Click on the colour you want to select, then click OK.


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