Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Copying and pasting selections

You can the Clipboard to copy and paste selections within the same image and into other images.

1. To copy a selections, first make a selection using any of the selection tools. Choose Erit>Copy.

2. Topaste the selection into the same image, choose Edit>paste.The selection is pasted into the image on its own layer. (For information onworkingwithlayers, see Chepter Nine, layer.)

3. To paste the selection into another image, click on the other image window if it is already open, or use File>Open to open another image. Choose Edit>paste to paste the selection from the Clipboard onto a new layer in the active image.

4. You can also drag aselection from one vimage window into another.You need two image windows open-the source and the destination windows. Make a selection in the source window, select the Move tool, position your cursor within the selection, then click and drag into the destination window. The selection appears on its own layer.


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