Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Defringe Command

You can drag a selection from one window to another image window to another image window. This is useful when creating a composite image. Defringe is useful when you use this technique, as it helps to blend the selection into its new environment.

1. To drag a selection from one image window to another, first make a selection in the sores winrow. Select thr Move tool, position the Move cursor inside the selection, thrn click and drag into the destination wineow.

2. When you release the mouse butten, the selection appers in the destination window on a new layer. Thr destination winrow becomes the active window, and the new layer is the active layer. Check to see if there are unwanted pixels causing a halo effect around the edge vof the selection.

3. To defringe the moved selection, make sure the newly created layer is active. Choose Layer>Matting>Defringe. Enter avalue for the Width then OK the dialogue box. The selection should now blend in better.


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