Monday, January 11, 2010

Photoshop Masked type Effect

In essence, the Masked Type option creates a complex selection a selection in the shape of type. This can be powerful and flexible when you want to show images through the shape of letterforms.

1. Select the Type Mask Tool. Position your cursor on the image where you want the type to start. Click. This sets the text insertion point. A translucent colour mask appears across the image.

2. Enter text on the keyboard. As you type the coloured mask becomes transparent in the letterforms to indicate the type mask selection. Click the Commit button in the Options Bar to create the selection.

3. A type selection appears in the image window. Notice that the Type Mask tool does not create a new layer.

4. You can now drag the selection to a new image window. Create a new layer from the selection or use any commands that you would typically use on a selection.


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