Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Using on Plastic Card Printer Tips And Tricks

For the first time card printing equipment users, it is not that easy for them to incorporate their own ideas or designs with the card printer they are using, it is oftentimes due to that fact that they are not yet used to the equipment they are using. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can incorporate your ideas, not just from artwork designing but also to embossing, tipping, adding a barcode and also thermal printing.

Artwork Designing

Some owners of a particular company would want to incorporate their own designs on the ID card that they would want to represent their company but sometimes they do not know what file format of the design they can use. Some of the file formats that are available are the following: .cdr for CorelDraw; .jpg, .psd, .bmp .tif, for Photoshop; ai for Illustrator and .eps for Freehand. You have to ensure that all of these graphic references created with the use of the CMYK Color Gamut and not the RGB because this would produce an adverse reaction on the accurate reproduction of colors. This applies to both for printing and proofing purposes.
As for the card layout, its size must be 86 x 54mm with 1mm of wrap around. If you would like to require a signature panel, the position & size must also be indicated where you would like to place it.


Embossing is a process of raising the characters for printing which you can usually find on credit cards bearing your account number and name. With some card printers features an embossing property.


The colored foil that is placed on the embossed area of the card is called a tipping. If a plastic card is tipped with colors, it is more attractive, so you can ensure a greater sense of value of your card.


The data that are provided in the magnetic stripe is called the encoding. With the use of this encoding system, it would be a great help for your company's security because your employee's information are stored on its magnetic stripes.

Thermal Printing

The printing procedure that utilizes heat to transport the ink coating into the card is called thermal printing. It is done by melting the ribbon colors are then transferred to the card using a sequence of dots that produces the preferred image on the card.


The representation of information that is characterized by bars that are machine readable is called a barcode. These barcodes can be read by barcode readers or optical scanners, its information are scanned by some special software.


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