Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adobe Photoshop Magic Eraser

Use the Magic Eraser tool to erase pixels on a layer to transparency. The Magic eraser works best when you want to remove the background pixels around a hard-edged object. The Magic Eraser tool erases pixels based on a tolerance level, similar to the way in which the Magic Wand works.

1. To use the Magic Eraser Tool, first select the layer on which you want to work. Select the Magic Eraser tool to show the Magic Eraser options in the Options Bar. Enter a Tolerance value. Set a low Tolerance value to erase pixels that are very similar in colour value to the pixel on which you first click. Set a high Tolerance value to select a wider range of pixels.

2. Set an Opacity value of 100% to erase pixels completely. Set a lower Opacity value to create a partially transparent effect. Select the Anti-aliased option to create a smoother edge when pixels are erased.

3. Select Contiguous to erase only pixels that fall within the Tolerance value specified, and that are adjacent to each other. This option erases continuous areas of pixels, Deselect Contiguous if you want the Magic Eraser to erase all pixels that fall within the Tolerance value anywhere in the image.

4. Position the Cursor, then click to erase pixels that fall within the Tolerance value.


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