Monday, October 26, 2009

Linking Layers

Linking layers is useful when you want to keep elements of an image on separate layers, but you need to move the layers maintaining the exact positional relationship of each.

1. To move the foreground object with its shadow (which is on a separate layer), show the Layers palette (Window > Show Layers) and make sure that one of the layers you want to link is active.

2. Click in the empty box to the right of the Eye icon of the layer you want to link. A Chain icon appears in the box, indicating that the layer is linked. When you make the linked layer active, the Chain and Paintbrush icons switch to indicate the layer you are working on.

3. Use the Move tool to reposition the elements on the linked layers as one.

4. You can link multiple layers using the same technique.

5. To unlink a layer, click the Chain icon. The layer is now completely independent again.


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