Friday, May 14, 2010

Showing and Selecting Paths/Points

Use the following techniques for selecting, deselecting and deleting paths.

1. To select a path, first you have to show it. To do this, click the path name in the Paths palette. The path now shows in the image window.

2. To select the path, select the Direct Selection tool(the hollow arrow). Click on the path to make it active. You now see the curve and line segments together with the anchor points that form the path.

3. Click on the anchor point of a curve segment to select the point and display the direction points.

4. To select and move an entire path, show the path, then hold down Alt and click on the path. Using the Direct Selection tool, position your cursor on an anchor point or curve segment, then click and drag to reposition the path. To deselect a path, click away from the path using the Direct Selection tool. Then path still shows, but is not selected.

5. To delete a path, with a point or line segment of the path selected press Delete twice. Alternatively, with the entire path selected, press Delete once. You can also drag the path name onto the Wastebasket icon in the Paths palette.


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