Friday, September 4, 2009

Modifying Selection

There are many instances when you need to add to or subtract from a selection. You can use any combination of selection tools to make the selection you want. For example, you might start by making the selection you want. For example, you might start by making a selection with the Magic Wand tool, then add to the selection using the Lasso tool.

1. To add to an existing selection, hold down the Shift key, then click and drag to create another selection marquee that intersects the existing selection marquee.

2. You can use the same technique to create non-adjoining selections. Although the selections may be in different parts of the image, they count and act as one selection. For example, if you apply a filter, the effect will be apparent in all the selection marquees.

3. To add to a selection, hold down Shift and use the Lasso tool to quickly loop around small areas that the Magic Wand tool typically misses out from its selection.

4. To subtract from a selection, hold down Alt, then click and drag with a selection tool to intersect the existing selection marquee. The area defined by the intersecting marquee will be removed from the original selection.

HOT TIP ------

1. Select a selection tool, then click the Add to….,Subtract from ………or interact with Selection button in the Option Bar to modify an existing selection. These settings remain in effect for the tool.

Its worth reselecting the New Selection button, sc that unwanted settings do not cause unexpected results the next time you use the tool.

2. For example selections, it can be quite useful to hide the dotted selection border temporarily, in order to see the selected pixels more clearly. Choose View>Show>Selection Edges to hide the selection border. The selection remains actives you have simply hidden the border. Choose the same option to redisplay the selection border.

Alternatively, choose View>Show Extras(Command/Ctrl+H) to hide/show selection
edges and any guides, slices or paths.


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